The first verse of the Abhisamayalamkara contains a salutation to Prajna- pafamita as “the mother of the Buddha, the Bodhiisativas and the Sravakas.” It is the. Abhisamayalamkara w /. • with Vrtti and Aloka. Vrtti by Arya Vimuktisena. Aloka by Haribhacira. English Translation by Gareth Sparham. Voiume One. The 70 Points of the Abhisamayalamkara from Edward Conze. 4. Abhisamayalamkara – Ornament of Higher Realization: An Introduction, A Rime Shedra.

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Analysis of the Abhisamayalamkara. Views Read Edit View history. Arya bodhisattvas with Mahayana seeing pathway minds have the second through the sixth sets.

Abhisamayalankara – Wikipedia

The four sets of applied realizations sbyor-ba abhisa,ayalamkarafour yogas. The latter’s work is King of Wish-Fulfilling Jewels Mngon rtogs rgyan ‘grel avhisamayalamkara rin chen bsam ‘phel dbang rgyalin eight volumes. These are chapters of Apple’s doctoral dissertation for the University of Wisconsin Madisonwhich later evolved into the monograph Stairway to Nirvana see above. This is the “knowledge of paths” of chapter two.

Dreyfus’s discussion of the Abisamayalankara begins on pp. A Commentary on the Prajnaparamita of the Maitreya Buddha.

The Eight Sets of Realizations in “Abhisamayalamkara” — Study Buddhism

The Four Sets of Applied Realizations Arrow down Arrow up The four sets of applied realizations are groupings abhisamayalmkara realizations that bodhisattvas apply while progressively attaining the Mahayana pathway minds leading to enlightenment.

Snow Lion, and Bodhisattvas with Mahayana building-up pathway minds have the abhisamsyalamkara and sixth sets of realizations. Obermiller adds that “All these studies are conducted in the form of lectures which are accompanied by controversies between the different groups of students according to the method of ‘sequence and reason’ thal-phyir. University of California Press: Arya bodhisattvas with Mahayana accustoming pathway minds up to the phase immediately preceding the last phase before Buddhahood have the second through the sixth sets.

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His disciple Ahbisamayalamkara rGyal tshab Dar ma Rin chen also wrote an AA subcommentary, called Ornament of the Essence mngon rtongs rgyan gyi grel pa dor gsal rnam bshad snying po’i rgyan.

Arya Hinayanists with Hinayana seeing pathway minds have only the third. According to the Mahayana understanding, only a fully enlightened Buddha has eliminated obstacles to omniscience jneyavaranaheya as well as obstacles to liberation kleshavaranaheya.

Unless otherwise indicated, the English terms below follow Sparham’s translation which revises Conze’s.

Toh Sze Gee translator. The basic project seems to have been inspired by an earlier typology of four Stream-EntererOnce-ReturnerNon-ReturnerArhatwhich may be expanded to eight by distinguishing between approachers to zhugs paor abiders at ‘bras gnaseach level.

The Eight Sets of Realizations in “Abhisamayalamkara”

Practitioners progress by attaining the five pathway minds linearly, one after the other, by gaining these networks of realisations. These include, for example, understanding the two truths bden-gnyis and working with shamatha zhi-gnasstilled and settled state of mind, calm abiding and vipashyana lhag-mthong abhisamayalamkra, exceptionally perceptive state of mind, special insight.

Each is comprised of many exemplifying topics mtshon-byed-kyi chosseventy all together, with each topic having numerous divisions.

The five pathway minds are: Tsong kha pa ; Sparham, Gareth trans Mahayana texts Tibetan Abhisamayalamkaara Yogacara. Journal of Indian Philosophy 31; and 32 The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom: Tsongkhapa ‘s teacher Don grub Rin chen encouraged him to study the five texts of Maitreya, especially the AA. Georges Dreyfus reports that “Ge-luk monastic universities Yag ston Sangs gyas dpal, g.


Basis or fundamental realized awareness abhisajayalamkara encompasses the realizations that are common to all three types of aryas — shravaka, pratyekabuddha, and bodhisattva — including shravaka and pratyekabuddha arhats and Buddhas. Other writers interpret this last term as a synonym for Dharmakaya, or else as symbolizing the unity of the three. The AA was extremely influential in Tibet, resulting in the production of numerous commentaries.

The ever-sharper applied realizations rtse-sbyor encompass the increasingly higher specific realizations that one gains abhisajayalamkara each of the stages of the Mahayana pathway minds, from an applying pathway mind to the final phase of an accustoming pathway mind. The Interweaving of the Eight Sets of Realizations into Networks Arrow down Arrow up Abihsamayalamkara eight sets of realizations interweave as networks to describe the path and the result: Moreover, the realizations of practitioners at each stage of the path are networks comprised of different combinations of the eight sets: The sutra seems to assume the third cycle to consist of the “highest” teachings.