Astron DC power supplies are made of heavy duty, high quality materials Find Astron Power Supplies RSA and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over. Buy Astron Original RSA Power Supply, Linear, Regulated, 20A Peak, 16A Continuous, Output: Vdc, Input: V: Internal Power Supplies. ASTRON RSA 11 – 15 Volts Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 16 Amps Cont 20 Amps ICS.

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Continuous duty current 7. It is not stout enough to run a w radio. I know I’m taxing it to the limit running watts CW but it works flawlessly.

Patent and other rights reserved. Astron power supply part number example: I couldn’t resist running watts and the power supply quit.

Wikipedia is your free Internet encyclopedia. A trailing “M” indicates models with front panel Meters.

Astron Corporation RSA-BB • Volt @ Amp Power Supply with Battery Backup Option

I hope this is a H What is “SCR in the crowbar”? This page was last updated: If a short is indicated the SCR is shorted. The circuit is simply not designed to drive these transistors. Thanks Steve I have all of those rs20, and I have actually done some home electrical work, im just not savvy with transistors and compasitors and such, but I am reading and learning.

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It has not been modified. A trailing “L” indicates there’s a cigarette Lighter socket on the front. KH6AQMay 17, For me Astron is one of the asyron there is period! They will NOT work correctly and your regulation will suffer severely because of it. SL- series are Small Linear power supplies.

Electrolytic caps virtually never fail shorted, so this is not on the list. A well built supply! Register for adtron free QRZ account. I have a VS35M power supply and have had no problems with it for over 30 years! There are other failure modes but they are not as likely as these five.

Astron RSA Product Reviews

If a short is indicated a transistor is shorted. Ripple less than 5 mv peak to peak full load and low line. Used, in great cosmetical condition.

Finally, the Astron is the easiest power supply I have ever had to repair.

Astron RS-20A

Need to keep the Astron on the floor, away from the RF, and it stays happy. Used it for years! Case is in good condition with small scratches.


After that, she bought an Astron. Just joking, but you catch my drift.

Your name or email address: But fixing it would be educational. Guaranteed to work as described. If you like the newer switching supplies that’s ok but for me I’ll stay with the linear ones. It is now a challenge to see if, it can be made to work as advertised.

If a short is indicated that diode is shorted. Yes this will be very educational and that is the main reason why I want to fix it myself with the help of you fine people, and I am poor! I don’t know how to change the “Fluxcompasator,” or rrs20a the oil in the Teslatube This can damage the SCR or a series-pass transistor, thereby damaging the