BEARS DISCOVER FIRE by TERRY BISSON (). [VERSION (Aug 06 02). If you find and correct errors in the text, please update the version number by. Terry Bisson, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Readers turn from “Bears Discover Fire,” a meditative tale that blends the. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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People were seeing bears all over the state, and in Virginia as well.

Innovative and experimental, but not in a way I found at all appealing. But at least the idea was interesting.

The state troopers who arrive in the morning after the bears have gone “scattered the bears’ fire ashes and flung their firewood away into the bushes. But whereas we were meant to look at Aesop’s animals and laugh at their failings while realising that we share them, Bisson’s bears are in fact on a spiritual plane which may or may not be higher than ours, but is certainly better. Bisson has described “Bears Discover Fire” as being about exactly what the title says.

My heart literally missed a beat when I called in and got the message, but only a beat. December by Arley Sorg Media Reviews: The rest of the stories are a mixed bag from good to okay with a few I just didn’t 3. His website gives a good feel for the man. I usually get off the interstate at Smiths Grove, but that night I drove north all the way to Horse Cave and doubled back so Wallace Jr. The narrator’s elderly mother disappears from her nursing home, and he and his nephew find her sitting around a fire with a silent group of bears.


The most famous of her paintings is a nude of one of the guys from the future. There have always been bears in Virginia. The TV showed more guys talking about bears than it showed bears, and Wallace Jr.

“Bears Discover Fire” by Terry Bisson

But you could also say it is about the lead human character, his relationships with his brother and their ailing gire, and the insensitivity of the average man in the modern age. We stayed beears the path. I sell crop insurance. The titular story is funny, thought provoking, moving, and memorable all at once – as are many siscover the other stories.

Or maybe it’s just deeper than I can detect. He has his own room in Bowling Green, too, but since Wallace and Elizabeth move to a different house every year part of the Planhe keeps his.

It’s been a long time since I’ve read short stories, and I had somehow forgotten what a joy it is to read a short, quickly-unfolding, high-density story that explores deeply and almost abruptly a concept, an idea, or a possibility. The second failed experiment.

The light was coming from two bears at the edge of the trees, holding torches. I would have to keep paying for her care until she was officially listed as Missing, which would be Monday. The fire was banked up and the bears were gone and someone was crashing straight through the woods, ignoring the path.

The hubcap came around and we all took some newberries. It starts off a lot like “Bears Discover Fire”, then goes… nowhere. This is where I started to see the PDK similarity: I must say I don’t share the common “wow effect” about the Bears Discover Fire story and find it one of rather weaker.

I found it pleasant to sit and stare into the fire. Go home and get to work! To me, this is a story about the narrator, Bobby, a sixty-one year old man, unmarried and childless, and members of his family, his brother, his twelve year old neph The sequel to the less well-known Terry Bisson story, “Bears Discover Matches. I think it’s actually a fable, in the Aesopian sense of a moral story featuring animals which behave as humans.


I went back two nights later, after the funeral. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Maybe the bears were watching us from the bushes even then.

Bears Discover Fire – Wikipedia

Still, since the whole thing is just a setup, it isn’t really satisfying. It was Sunday night and we had been to visit Mother at the Home. I most definitely read this one wrong. The nephew, Wallace Jr, is “old enough to want to help and not old enough yet to think he knows it all.

A bear moved over to let Wallace Jr. The bears are individuals: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. None of it feels like exposition, it naturally reveals itself, and each story holds a really interesting idea tha I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went into this book it was a “pull randomly off the library shelf” number.

Bissson from the future, retrieving art that otherwise would be lost. I was surprised at how dark the night was already.

Terry Ballantine Bisson is an Dizcover science fiction and fantasy author best known for his short stories, including “Bears Discover Fire”which which won both the Hugo and Nebula awards, as well as They’re Made Out of Meatwhich has been adapted for video often. Women Destroy Science Fiction!

We stood for a minute watching the cars and trucks pass.