The de Divinatione appeals more to our sense of reasonableness than to reason: its refutation of the various superstitions involved makes for. An English translation. The complete work is onsite. Part of a large site on ancient Rome and classical Antiquity. Guillaumont (F.) Le De divinatione de Cicerón et les théories antiques de . Cicerone, Della divinazione (Milan, ); G. Freyburger and J. Scheid. (edd., trans.

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But what opportunity was there for long-continued observation in the case where Natta’s statue and the brazen tablets of laws were struck by lightning? The same thought is often found. Beatrice added it Aug 27, Or is it my insistence on finding out the truth?

You see the course of reasoning followed in arriving at these predictions. But if that which is to be can be turned aside, there is no such thing as Fate; so, too, there is no such thing as diviantione — since divination deals with things that are going to happen.

De Divinatione (Element Classics)

But you insist that all things happen by Fate; therefore there is no such thing as divination. The thicker the border, the more information. On the other hand, how many treat them with disdain, and regard a belief in them as the superstition of a weak and effeminate mind! In fact dreams would be less regarded on their own account and would be viewed with greater indifference had they not been taken under the guardianship of philosophers — not philosophers of the meaner sort, but those of the keenest wit, competent to see what follows logically and what does not — men who are considered well-nigh perfect and infallible.

Cicero on Divination

Again, when clouds collide their heat is forcibly driven out and the thunderbolt is the result. For either it ought to be of use in every case, or, at least, some department in which it may be employed should be found. Why, pray, does he waste them in solitary deserts? This root, the serpent divination him, was of such great virtue that it would effect the speedy cure of Ptolemaeus. Had he foreseen that in the Senate, chosen in most part by himself, in Pompey’s hall, aye, before Pompey’s very statue, and in the presence of many of his own centurions, he would be put to death by most noble citizens, some divjnatione whom owed all that they had to him, and that he would fall to so low an estate that no friend — no, not even a slave — would approach his dead body, in what agony of soul would he have spent his life!


As for that equivocal response which deceived Croesus, it might have deceived — Chrysippus, for example; but the one made to Pyrrhus wouldn’t have fooled — even Epicurus!

As for that Greek sailor, is it strange if, in the extremity of his fear, he, as divinnatione people do in such cases, lost his courage, reason, and self-control? And yet there never was another Homer. For instance, if the entrails foretell an increase in my fortune and they do so in accordance with some law of nature, then, in the first place, there is some relationship between them and the universe, and in the second place, my financial gain is regulated by the laws of nature.

Procles and Eurysthenes, kings of the Lacedaemonians, were twin brothers. Djvinatione signs divine were sent by Jove himself. Of course as a diviner this book poses serious challenges to my beliefs that A really amazing book by Cicero discussing divination.

De divinatione, book 1, translated with introduction and historical commentary by David Wardle, Oxford-New York,pp. Pray what became of the warnings of the first set of divinatioje But, for some inexplicable cause, those superstitious and half-cracked philosophers of yours would rather appear absurd than anything else in the world. When victims for the sacrifice are brought up at haphazard it is perfectly clear that the character of entrails cicerohe you will receive will depend on the victim chance may bring.

Innumerable instances of the same kind may be given to prove that ccerone natural connexion does exist between objects apparently unrelated. Constantin Maes added it Apr 07, For dviinatione crow would not tell Deiotarus that he was doing right in preparing to defend the liberty of the Roman people.

Frightened by the visions and disregarding the jeers of his fellow-townsmen he set about doing as he had been directed.

Intervenne nel 49 con una legge che alleviava i debiti, diverse leggi fra il 49 e il 46 erano a favore dei colpiti per motivi politici ai figli dei proscritti e richiamo in patria degli esiliati; la legge frumenta peraltro correggeva quella demagogica di Clodio. And behold another runner! Sofi marked it as to-read Jul 05, For example, a runner, who was planning to set out for the Olympic games, dreamed that he was riding in a chariot drawn by four horses.

Djalil Gacem added it Sep 07, Euphorion is even too divinationw but Homer is not. Nor would he be able to give men so many advices by thunderbolts as to what they should or should not do.

The tenth year Troy will fall and then her fate Will satisfy the Greeks. Is it the nature of the subject? Now the soothsayers, who had declared that those lots would enjoy an unrivalled reputation, gave orders that a dovinatione should be made from the tree and lots placed in the chest.

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Tulliana – Ciceron and the Roman thought – Official site of the SIAC

Yet all djvinatione one and the same end. His whole address was devoted to an exposition of the science of soothsaying. Indeed, if their arrogance had not been resisted by Carneades, it is probable that by this time they would have adjudged the only philosophers. What advantage, pray, do you think it would have been to him, when he was at cicerobe very summit of power and wealth, to know that he was destined to perish beyond the Euphrates in shame and dishonour, after his son had been killed and his own army had been destroyed?

Yet your Stoics assert that no one can be a diviner unless he is a ‘wise man. In my view of the case Ciceronf employed the auspices of virtue, and virtue bids us not to look to fortune until the claims of honour are discharged.

However, let us examine its origin and thus we shall very readily determine its value. And if it be true that God consults for our advantage he would say: However, if the birds indicated that the issue would be favourable to Deiotarus they certainly deceived him.

Finally, what is there about a sparrow to suggest ‘years’? It’s in two parts, the first by Quintus, who believes in divination, and the second by Cicero, who denies it. For he would say: To be sure he proceeds to give the reason for his opinion in succeeding lines, but there is no need to repeat them. At the present time the lots are taken from their receptacle if Fortune directs.

Astronomers have recorded the movements of the planets and thereby have discovered an orderly course of the stars, not thought of before.

For the Chaldeans, according to their own statements, believe that a person’s destiny is affected by the condition of the moon at the time of his birth, and hence they make and record their observations of the stars which anything in conjunction with the moon on his birthday. In the morning he went to consult an interpreter, who said to him, ‘You will win, for that is implied in the speed and strength of horses.