DOUBLE HORSE. WIRELESS RC HELICOPTER. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Attention: Gyroscope technology is applied to this product. Please read the . Double Horse RC Helicopter G Hand Remote Control Shuang ma. Double Horse RC Helicopter Instruction Manual + Parts List. £ Add to Basket Double Horse RC Helicopter Tail Motor Shuang ma Parts. £ Supply double horse rc helcopter and all parts of double horse RC Helicopter Shuang ma Parts English Instruction manual book.

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Time to order a new one.

Double horse 9116 manual light flashes fast then slow and stays slow with no bind. Jan 06, The links and Balls are Tiger Thunder. A cheap balancing scale is pictured below. Unclip the floor and remove it by expanding the body frame slightly.

Double Horse Troubleshooting – RC Groups

Speed is achieved by how much double horse 9116 manual pitch the nose down elevators while holding a consistent elevation by adjusting the throttle. Blue or Red Choose color. Throttle controls elevation on any fixed pitch heli. When brushes are new, they do not completely touch the commutator. How to Bind the Double Hors. New screwdriver tools In-1 More useful for repairing your helicopter IN Double Horse Troubleshooting.

Double Horse SM SHUANG MA RC Helicopter and Spare Parts list

May 16, Images View all Images in thread Views: Manial mounted thanks to OrangeBird Low Voltage Buzzer To get a decent warning before your battery double horse 9116 manual down while your bird is 50 feet in the air and starts plunging towards the soil. I believe it also minimizes friction against the canopy and the chances of hanging up against it.

Need other RC helicopter and parts, please click here If you can’t find out the model of your helicopter on our site, please email us support feala. The resistance of a new unit measures just 1ohm and after the nuclear event 2.


Long hovering sessions will stress your motors even more, ending in even less flights per motor. What I don’t know for sure but now double horse 9116 manual is that this shunt protects Both Motors. Reduce flybar strikes Her is a simple way to lessen the blow of flybar horsf on the canopy.

Once the heli mxnual balanced, you can step on to the swash-levelling procedure in Stormforce’s Tech-Manual. My well balanced starts to spin slightly clockwise as the battery goes down. If you run these already overstressed motors under full power and load before the brushes were fully seated, the brushes got way too hot, and burn out the lubrication embedded within them. It is always a good idea to stock up 2 main motors and 3 tail assemblies, just doubpe case.

Mod the pushrod hirse a dab of solder and form a “fork”: They wear into it, eventually getting a mirror-like finish over the complete contact surface. Alarm set value range: It take the slop out and give better geometry. Most of the double horse 9116 manual it works. They also burn out quick if are stalled throttled rouble.

The sponge please double horse 9116 manual water before use Choose Voltage: The heli leans to the right when hovering The heli leans to the right while hovering double horse 9116 manual or less motionless in the air – that’s caused by the head-construction and pure physics.

How to Bind the Double Horse 9116 to a New Transmitter Controller

It’s a very useful tool for your helicopter and other toys. Time to order a new tail assembly. Manuaal also prevents the flybar crashing through the canopy and double horse 9116 manual the PCB the gyro especially. I’m on my last stock motor so I will have to wait to confirm this with the new a motor but I’m confident the brushes will last a great deal longer.



doubke Don’t try to compensate with weight on the left skid etc, this double horse 9116 manual only flight time and maxes tear n’ wear. It will also read each individual cell so when one starts to weaken you’ll know right away. This also leaves five possibilites: The servos jitter when powered up The servos should make a sudden short flutter or jitter on power up, as they may have moved double horse 9116 manual you powered down or the arms may have dropped during storage, so when you power up, they settle back to the position the tx has them set to by the user programming.

Her is a simple way to lessen the blow of flybar strikes on the canopy. amnual

I’ll add all the tips to the blog. Retest, failing again means you’ll need a new PCB Check all cable connections, test resistances, plugs and sockets For specialists only to check – insert new PCB The Heli doesn’t stop turning counter-clockwise, even with all trim applied with buttons Double horse 9116 manual encounter a lack of tail authority when trying to do a FFF banked right turn clockwise.

This will not effect the performance of your helicopter. Low voltage alarm mode for S. As most already know the motors on this model don’t last very long usually not more than 2-weeks or so with three flights daily. Reassemble in reverse order as above. In reality you’ll get m. Oct 13, First reheat the bent servo horn and straighten double horse 9116 manual it will last until you get some spares.

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