portable dovetail jig workcenter Woodworking Joints, Woodworking Shop, Woodworking Plans, You get it all with this simple workcenter for your dovetail jig. Dovetail Jig Workcenter The dovetail jig gets a lot of use in my shop. But there are a few things that can be an inconvenience when using it. My biggest complaint. CASE. A Top (1). 14 x 24 – 1/2 Ply. B Bottom (1). 14 x 27 – 1/2 Ply. C Sides (2). 81/ 2 x 14 – 1/2 Ply. D Front (1). 81/4 x /2 – 1/2 Ply. E Trays (2). 81/2 x 14 – 1/2.

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Please use the instructions in this manual. Click the “add comment” button above to comment. I am now looking for projects that will specifically let me hone my dovetail skills. Tandem Axle Trailer by KustomsbyKent. Cedar Cottage Doghouse Plans Overlapping cedar shingles add an element of charm to this medium size doghouse.

I attached them while the wing was closed so I could position them properly.

Portable Dovetail Jig Workcenter

The folding wing makes a handy spot for you to set your router when using your jig. I tried and tried.


Proper assembly, installation and maintenance are essential if the More information. Outdoor Project easy-to-build Garden Bench Whether in a favorite corner of the garden or under a big shade tree, this solid outdoor bench will Ddovetail information.

These adjustable stops help keep longer workpieces square in the jig. I have a Leigh and will be looking at the workcentre seriously. By raising uig to a comfortable height, it s easier to guide the router.

I started on the case by cutting the sides to size. This workbench is designed to provide the maximum. With these pieces done, you can glue the hardboard to the plywood and move on to the hinge block and the foot that supports the tray when it s folded down.

It s built of sugar More information.

Plus, there are some other great features. It s not easy to get them even More information. I subtracted the thickness of a rare-earth magnet, cup, and washer since these will be fastened to the back of the drawer and case. Hive Top Ventilation Shims Hive Top Ventilation Shims When preparing your bee hives for the winter, it is very important to provide for ventilation at the top of the hive.

Homemade Dovetail Jig Workcenter

Too many other priorities right now. After all, how much can you decorate the edges of your shelves and sides?


Every MGB body is slightly different More information. Homemade dovetail jig workcenter constructed from recycled fir and surplus poplar. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in workcneter form below.

Outdoor Project easy-to-build Garden Bench Whether in a favorite corner of the garden or under a big shade tree, this solid outdoor bench will. Tapering Jig by Jesse Cloud.

Portable dovetail jig workcenter – PDF

And there s plenty of storage in the large drawer down below. Every MGB body is slightly different. Tenon Shoulder Cutting Jig by Woodmagazine.

The handles fasten to a handle block and hardboard spacer igure 3. Then you can move on to building the drawer.

You may need to replace. Tilmann A Hive Stand In the Beekeeper s Work Shop A hive stand is the lower most component in your bee hive; it is the foundation upon which all of the other components sit Figure 1. Project by Geedubs posted This unit is unusual because the shelves.