Peningkatan Kualitas Bungkil Inti Sawit Dengan Fermentasi Terhadap Aktivitas Enzim Dan Kandungan Zat Makanan. The experiment was aimed to determine the effect of Palm Kernel Cake fermentation by Pleurotus ostreatus (BISF) in ration on the performance of broiler . Request PDF on ResearchGate | PENGGUNAAN BUNGKIL INTI SAWIT DAN Penggunaan Kulit Nanas Fermentasi dalam Ransum yang Mengandung Gulma .

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If Indonesia produced Solubilisation of non-starch polysaccharides from oil-seed meals by polysaccharide-degrading enzymes.

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Program Pascasarjana Unibraw, Malang. Ilmu Ma- kanan Ternak Dasar.

The released heat caused increas- ing substrate temperature. Fermentation process caused degrada- tion in certain enzymes against the indigestible materials, cel- lulose and hemicellulose for instance, into simple glucose.

The decreasing substrate with high fat content such as palm kernel cake showed that Candida utilis. Carbohydrate was degraded by microbe into energy and CO 2 sawi the cell life to improve Candida utilis and eventually produced higher cell protein.

Dua perlakuan pretreatment, yaitu: Mannan of oil palm kernel. The experiment used complete randomized design CRD with 3×3 factorial and twice replication. Crude protein value of fermented vermentasi kernel cake was higher than that of non-fermented.

Most microbes including bacteria, fungi and yeast could produce various enzyme. Fer,entasi Makanan Ternak Dasar. Mannane was composed of main component of D- glucose and D-mannose.


Protein digestion and absorption in young chick and turkey, J. Living organism needs very little mineral fermntasi me- tabolism [22] and not all of them were made into new compounds, even mostly served as co-factor in enzyme activity which woud return as original mineral after enzyme reaction.

Hasil menunjukkan bahwa pretreatment dengan autoclaving menghasilkan kandungan protein kasar dan protein sejati produk fermentasi BIS yang lebih tinggi dibanding dengan dikukus.

Fiber volume fraction undergoing significant increase was hemicellulose, from Evaluasi pemanfaatan BIS yang difermentasi Aspergillus niger hidrolisat tepung bulu ayam dan suplementasi mineral Zn dalam ransum ayam pedaging. All organisms need energy source for living, obtained from food metabolism within the organism ecosystem [18].

Nutritional evaluation of palm kernel meal types: Hemicellulose is hydrolysable non-crystal like. A series of experiment was carried out to increase the protein and amino acids content of palm kernel cake PKC that may be used to replace or reduce SBM in poultry diet. Accordingly, cellulose content in this research was the remaining cellulose in substrate and the one formed by the microbe as one of cell components. Furthermore, protein was added up inside the microbial cell.

Microbial activity used carbohydrate as carbon source. Coumaryl alcohol and synapil alcoholwere served as the precursor.

Palm Kernel Cake Fermented with Candida utilis for Mannose-Enriched Local Feed Supply

Although enzymatically beta-mannane was indigestible by poultry be- cause of the absence of mannanase enzyme, physical diges- tion occurred through beta-mannane degradation into minor form namely mannan oligosaccharide MOS or even manose. Review bioreactor with immobilized lipases: Serangkaian penelitian telah dilakukan untuk meningkatkan nilai gizi, terutama kandungan protein dan asam amino bahan pakan lokal bungkil inti sawitsehingga dapat digunakan sebagai pengganti sebagian bungkil kedelai didalam ransum unggas.


PKC for fer- mentation was placed on plastic tray, covered with aluminum foil and aerated by punching holesthen incubated in fer- menter at 36 – 37 O C for 48 hours. The quality of fermented product depended sawlt the type of microbes and solid media used.

Optimasisasi nutrisi untuk proses fermentasi substrat cair dengan menggunakan kapang Rhizopus. Low palatability of palm kernel cake on non ruminants made it necessary to supply other palatable feed. The parameters were dry mattercrude proteincrude fiber and fat of palm kernel cake fermented. BIS dikukus dan diautoclave dilakukan dengan masing- masing 3 ulangan sebelum difermentasi dengan A.

State of the art. Penelitian Terapan 9 3: Isolasi bakteri mananolitik dan karakterisasi mananasenya. Products during growth process, besides enzyme, were extracellular enzyme protein and protein from microbial metabolism that induced the in- creasing crude protein [19].

Those enzymes hydrolyzed man- nane, galactomannane and cellulose to produce simple but more carbohydrate.