Anarchy Evolution has ratings and reviews. Michael said: Greg Graffin, through his music, has been one of my most profound personal influences. 30 Jan BOOK REVIEW: Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science & Bad Religion in a World Without God by Greg Graffin & Steve Olson (Harper Perennial). 12 Jan him when I started reading Greg Graffin’s new four-in-one book, Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science and Bad Religion in a World Without God.

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Atheism offers nothing but changing opinions. At least Offspring knows exactly what their fans are made of They even insulted them on occasion We carry out our mission by reporting, writing, and posting news and information.

Greggy you really should have carefully read the Bible. And yet we apparently have over 10, different denominations of Christianity.

Anarchy Evolution

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Since 15 I’ve listened to Bad Religion. It is becoming very natural to see connections between the arts and sciences, and the trend will continue. This part was totally worth reading.

Anarchy Evolution – Greg Graffin – E-book

I’d like to say that I think like him, but maybe it’s more correct to just say that I understand what he’s saying. The dissertation was entitled “Monism, Atheism and the Naturalist Worldview: You know those years where everyone is figuring things out for themselves and starting to ask the big questions? Preview — Anarchy Evolution by Greg Graffin. His depth of knowledge on evolution and geology and so forth is quite expansive and he spends many a chapter discussing these scientific topics at great length.

Contact Me Google Plus. I’m not totally sure what this book was about, but I liked it anyway. Nov 11, Len rated it really liked it. It’s obvious that he doesn’t believe in God, and there are parts where he strongly argues his position, but I didn’t feel like that was the focus of t Greg Graffin is the lead singer for Bad Religion.


To read e-books on the BookShout Appdownload it on:. Epic Reads young adult. I absolutely loved this book. Our hearts and minds can lie to us. Of particular interest to me was his piece on our national obsession with the theory of natural selection, which has colored the debate on evolution for far too long. His science descriptions are pretty basic and his usage of vocabulary is often quite sloppy.

Graffin tries to show how both music and science are connected.

I didn’t have to read the Bible to get the gist of Jesus’ life. I’m going to evoluton my own copy of this book because I want to gaffin it again with a hi-lighter they frown on that with library copies and I want to hi-light the crap out it.

Feb 16, Jennifer Johnson rated it liked it Shelves: Anaarchy often he teaches? I could quote the book – since most readers have probably forgotten all of it by now – but remember all those parts about punk music meaning something??? I highly recommend the book for anyone who is an atheist or wondering about how atheists think. Peace in believing there is no God?

I’ve only scratched evoltion surface of their music and now I am really interested in listening to a wider array of their music from across their 30 years together. And you call yourself an honest thorough scientist and scholar? It reads more as a collection of essays put together, but as book you get to know more vreg Graffin’s life and philosophy, the history of Bad Religion and a lot about natural history and biology evolution which are the big interests of the author aside of punk music.


Evolutiin them together, what do you get? Religions are beliefs that people can have but they are not science or a way to understand how the world developed or is still changing. I eagerly bought this book as I’ve been a long time admirer of Graffin’s music, which is based around intellectual lyrics and thought provoking social commentary.

Greg Graffin and I look at life in very much the same way.

Garcias rated it liked it. We have science to prove that. Enter your HarperCollins account username and password. HarperCollins e-books On Sale: Perspectives from Evolutionary Biology. Great Cali Punk band. If you’ve read any other book about evolution you probably won’t learn something new.

Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God

Greg even attempted some deep biblical theology: If you’re evooution fan of the band, it will give you all kinds of glimpses behind the scenes of their development and history; and even if you’re simply a science, philosophy, or religion buff, you might find it interesting how he builds and presents his views. Instead I learned more about the type of person he grev, how much Bad Religion really means to him, and the goals he tries to achieve by showing people to ask questions and think for oneself.

If you are located outside the U.