Consult STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s entire HeliCoil catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ helicoil – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. HeliCoil Catalogue – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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This length can only be measured for installed thread inserts. Open the catalogue to page 4. Corrosion and temperature-resistant True quality appears under extreme conditions. The nut thread is wear-resistant even in cases of frequent use. The thread insert with its precision-formed rhombic profile runs through freely turn for turn. Open the catalogue to page 5.

All of these master sets come complete with a drill, tap, installation tool and a quantity of inserts for each size and complete Inch Master Thread Repair Sets There are two master sets for inch sizes. Load capacity and precision at the highest stage.

The innovative coil of the insert allows installation from both ends with identical quality.

The prevailing torques can also heilcoil individually adjusted as required for the relevant application, e. One or several polygonal-shaped threads clamp the flanks of the Open the catalogue to page 2.

Open the catalogue to page 8. Cast aluminium gear box housing. The Blue Book Aerospace Buyer? Open the catalogue to page 3.

The stainless steel coil thread inserts are formed into elastic spirals in proven quality from wire with rhombic profile. The inch and metric Master Sets contain the most common thread repair sizes.


Bulk Inserts Heli-Coil stainless steel inserts are available in bulk for higher quantity applications such as rebuilding or remanufacture.

Helicoul tool concept is impressive, boasting long service life for the blades and simple maintenance. Existing tools from the previous model can still be used.

Downsizing Perfect for lightweight construction. The values shown conform metric series requirement.

HELICOIL® plus – BÖLLHOFF – PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

For a torque-controlled screw tightening application, the screw pre-load force can be adjusted more precisely and the yield point of the screw utilised more efficiently.

Would you like to discover more helicol the World of Joining? Open the catalogue to page 6. Inch series Screw-Locking inserts are dyed red for identification. Threads are reinforced whenever low-strength materials e. Product offers the highest quality and most durable repair available.

Catalogur choice of insert length balances the bolt tensile strength against the shear strength of the parent material. Screw locking No self-loosening. The screw is locked by one or several polygonal-shaped threads clamping the flanks of the screwed in Open the catalogue to page 7.

Repairing of damaged threads. Cataloogue is the original in Spark Plug port repair. Uniform along the entire length of the screw. Manual Tools Heli-Coil offers a Therefore, tang break and removal are not required. The coarse set contains five sizes: The Blue Book Aerospace Buyer? Every project deserves a tailor-made solution. Additional locking elements or adhesive — as are common for fixed bushes — are therefore obsolete. Catalogue excerpts System modules — the fastener A close look at the advantages Modular system Design guidelines Technical data and item numbers System modules — the tool The thread Vatalogue tolerances and tapped hole Manual taps Machine taps Combined cqtalogue and tapping tools Machine forming taps Threaded plug gauges Repair kits and repair range kits Installation Installation mandrels Installation tools Battery installation tools Electrical installation tools Pneumatic installation tools Automatic installation Manual installation tools Tang break-off and extraction tools Large picture left: Available from contain a Heli-Coil tap, installation tool, stock are Metric Coarse kits in sizes a cata,ogue of inserts and complete M3 through M20 and Metric Fine kits instructions.


Therefore, tang break and removal are not required. No Thread Wear Thread life is dramatically increased even There are many good reasons for using our products.

The screw lock is achieved by one or more polygonal threads clamping the flanks of the installed screw. The utilisation of the yield point of high-strength screws is improved.

Do not use Heli-Coil inserts wire to repair taper seat spark plug ports. Thread Repair System Heli-Coil has the most effective and universally accepted method of thread repair. This allows for the design of assemblies where the bolt will fail before the parent material. Free Running Insert Screw-Locking Insert Heli-Coil inserts are precision formed coils of extremely hard, diamond shaped stainless steel.

In lieu of coatings, Heli-Coil Gall Resistant inserts are highly recommended. Remove the head before installation to ensure chips do not enter the cylinder.