Helmut Pottmann of TU Wien, Vienna (TU Wien) with expertise in: Applied Mathematics, Geometry and Topology and Computer Graphics. Read List of computer science publications by Helmut Pottmann. Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann. Helmut Pottmann joined the Technical University of Vienna in as assistant professor.

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Geometric modeling with conical meshes and developable surfaces.

Outstanding Technical Contributions Award – Helmut Pottmann – Eurographics

Computer Vision and Image Understanding 95 1: Edge offset meshes in Laguerre geometry. Fast model based segmentation of ultrasound data using an active image.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 14 3: The Visual Computer 23 1: Self-Intersections of Offset Curves and Surfaces. Computer-Aided Design 32 Computer Aided Geometric Design 26 1: HelmjtMohammad al-KandariHelmut Pottmann: Curved support structures and meshes with spherical vertex stars.

Robust principal curvatures on multiple scales. Computer Aided Geometric Design 31 1: Helmut PottmannGerald E.


Stefan LeopoldsederHelmut Pottmann: He is helmuh well regarded not only in the graphics community, but also in architecture-related fields and has successfully transferred his research into architectural practice including a number of internationally renowned architectural projects and to the Evolute company that, sinceenables building projects featuring complex geometries by solving involved geometric problems.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 9 5: Helmut PottmannMartin Peternell: Designing patterns using triangle-quad hybrid meshes. Interactive Design of Developable Surfaces.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 15 2: Johannes WallnerHelmut Pottmann: He has launched and nurtured the bi-annual Symposium on Architectural Geometry, and has co-authored the seminal textbook on the subject.

MitraHelmut PottmannMark Pauly: Martin KilianNiloy J. Computer Aided Geometric Design 22 7: BarnesBernd HamannKenneth I. Locally optimal cutting positions for 5-axis sculptured surface machining. As a scientist, Helmut Pottmann always puts the highest standards on his work. Any of his papers includes new and non-trivial material, having being influential and having inspired new ideas. Graphical Models and Image Processing 61 2: Discrete geometric structures for architecture.

Projectively invariant classes of geometric continuity for CAGD.


Helmut Pottmann

Computing the Minkowski helmt of ruled surfaces. Mathieu DesbrunHelmut Pottmann: Helix splines as an example of affine Tchebycheffian splines.

Rational blending surfaces between quadrics. Freeform surfaces from single curved panels.

Computer Aided Geometric Design 20 6: A concept for parametric surface fitting which avoids the parametrization problem.

Paneling architectural freeform surfaces. Symposium on Computational Geometry Variational and PDE level set methods. Eurographics is extremely pleased to recognize Hetmut Pottmann with the Outstanding Technical Contributions Award.

Helmut PottmannYang Liu: Graphical Model and Image Processing 58 6: Fitting B-spline curves to point clouds by curvature-based squared distance minimization. Computer-Aided Design 38 7: Discrete affine minimal surfaces.