30 Aug View IIFT Answer from CISS at Baltimore City College. IIFT Answer Key, See IIFT Answers, IIFT Question Paper Solved. IIFT Question Paper previous year question paper with answers & solutions . Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed. IIFT Question Papers With Solutions and Answers For Download in PDF.

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All the above given information is based on personal opinion of Bulls Eye Expert faculty. Verbal Ability Spell- Check 2 0. The House in which Krishna lives is located between houses with persons earning salaries of Rs. Laxman does not stay in Blue house III. There were 3 LR auestion 13 Questions and all of them could have been done easily.

IIFT Question Paper with Answers for Admission | AglaSem Admission

The person earning Rs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs. Each of the houses is occupied by a person earning a fixed amount of a salary. Verbal Ability Sentence Completion 6 0. This year GK section was dominated by questions on Business and Static questions. One of the person earns Rs. DI blocks were calculative in iuft so it required a lot of labor.


Directions for questions 20 — Read the following instruction carefully: Important dates and requisite information. Paul lives between Som and Krishna II.

Sentence rearrangement was very easy and sentence completion was a fair mix of difficult and easy questions. Four houses Blue, Green, Red and Yellow are located in a row in the solition order. Time allotted 2 Hrs. In verbal section, analogies were introduced instead of asking vocabulary directly.

The four persons are Paul, Krishna, Laxman, and Som. Salary of Som is more than that of Paul but lesser than that of Krishna V. Verbal Ability Sentence Rearrangement 6 0.

The person living in Red house earns more than that of person living in Blue IV.

Reading Comprehension Organizational behavior 3 0. Study the following information carefully and answer the eith. The salary difference between Laxman and Son is Rs.

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You can get daily updates on IIFT from www. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. The Quant Section was a bit easier than last year. Area Tested Description No. Which house is occupied by person earning highest salary? Overall difficulty level was higher as compared to the previous year. There were around doable questions, but the knowledge of higher maths was required in around questions. As paper had Questions i. Paper solutio a few analogies and Spell — Check based questions.


Check this box to confirm you are human. Krishna does not live in Yellow house, and the person living in yellow house is not earning lowest salary among the four persons.

Verbal Ability Analogies 6 0.