Foundations of Christianity is a book by Marxist theoretician Karl Kautsky. In it, he attempts to explain the origins of Christianity, and claims that it can best. Religion is not the motor-force of history but great social changes are expressed in changes in religion. In his book Ludwig Feuerbach and the. Foundations of Christianity. Karl Kautsky. Halaman 2. Content. Author’s Foreword . Book One: The Person Of Jesus. I. The Pagan Sources. II. The Christian.

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Even the communism he sees in the early church he traces to the new cultural emphasis on fondations care of widows and orphans, because Greco-Roman thought has shifted toward individualism, breaking down community ties I mean, what?

Well worth the read. It was the petty artisans and shopkeepers as well as the proletarians of Jerusalem who became the heroes of their nation, together with the proletarianized peasants of Galilee who had cut their way through to Jerusalem.

Constructing Musicology Alistair Williams. But Kautsky has a very different comparison in mind; his last section is devoted to a comparison of early Christianity to the social-democratic movement he was so personally involved with.

Foundations of Christianity: A Study in Christian Origins by Karl Kautsky

Lists with This Book. In the third section, an early history of the Jewish people is presented, whilst the final section discusses the beginnings of Foundatiojs and kautsk social struggles present within early Christian society. His points are almost numberless, but here are just a few more: The first edition in English, published in by George Allen and Unwinfollowed the eleventh German version. The priests, the scribes, the merchants, had for the most part found safety early in the siege.

As time went on, the Kautsyk, that is to say the travelling preachers, became less important relative to the local presbyters the origin of the word “priest” and teachers, who were paid by and eventually therefore appointed by the Bishop; and the connections between communities, which they had been the ones to keep up, were kausky up through conferences of the Bishops, which also increased the powers of the Bishops over their own congregations as representatives of the common or “catholic” church.

I should note that throughout the book, Kautsky, confusingly to those who know he foundaations a Marxist, uses the term “proletariat” or “proletarian” in more or less its original latin sense of those without property, which would include the — very small — proletariat in the modern sense, i.


Blessed are ye that hunger now: But why would the Jewish masses have any reason to want Jesus dead? A Study in Christian Origins The book is quite good. George Brown rated it it was amazing Aug 03, Kautsky, to his credit, opposed this.

The book is rather original, innovative and has been rranslated into nine languages. His friend, and later his opponent, Rosa Luxemburg, in an article of called “The Church and Socialism insisted that the first Christian apostles were Communists who denounced injustice and the cult of the Golden Calf”. Remember me on this computer. The Life of the State 3.

The evangelists depict for us a mob that hates Jesus to such an extent that it would rather pardon a murderer than him; the reader will please remember, a murderer— [apparently] no more worthy object of clemency was available—and is not satisfied until Jesus is led off to crucifixion.

Greg Williams rated it it was amazing Feb 02, He was a leading theoretician of Marxism.

He points out that, apart from o Christian interpolations, there are no non-Christian sources for the existence, much less the life of Jesus. Kautsky wanted to interpret early Christianity as a precursor of the contemporary working class socialist movement. Open Preview See a Problem? The problem is, he then Ch. James rated it liked it Aug 27, Help Center Find new research papers in: Kautsky says in one kf that the proletarian struggle today cannot take the religious form it did in the days of the early church; of course he is right that it cannot succeed that way, but it seems that it can in fact take religious forms and still does.

Raed rated it it was amazing Aug 09, Last month I read a similarly titled German book though in translation fromLudwig Feuerbach’s The Essence of Foundatonswhich was an influence on the early Marx; this book, by a leading Marxist of the generation after Marx, is a complete contrast in every way, and demonstrates the difference that Marx made, even leaving aside his economic theories and views on revolution and communism, in the way that we view and discuss history and even religion.

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Foundations of Christianity : A Study in Christian Origins

It is a very sweeping look at the life and times of first century Roman society, with a particular focus on the Jewish origins of Christianity. Kautsky begins with a very modern-sounding critique of attempts to explain Christianity from the character and teachings of a historical Jesus Ch. Kristin rated it it was amazing Feb 23, With respect to the Roman history, he is certainly on the right track in seeing the decline of the Empire essentially as the result of internal economic causes, with the barbarian invasions and so forth as a result of the decline rather than its cause; some details might need to be revised, and of course he wasn’t aware of the climatic changes we know about now, but I found this part very informative.

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Jeff rated it it was amazing Jul 10, In it, he attempts to explain the origins of Christianity, and claims that it can best be explained by historical materialism rather than divinity.

Foundations of Christianity – Wikipedia

There was no “victory of Christianity” over heathen society, the church that won the victory was one with the previously heathen foudations it replaced. Minsand published by Russell and Russell in Dr Peter Kalve rated it it was amazing Jul 26, A must read for everyone interested in the origins of not only Christianity, but religion itself.

While, again unusually for the time, Kautsky recognizes that the Old Testament, whatever we may surmise about its original sources, was written in its present form to meet the ideological needs of the post-exile theocracy, his sketch of Christianiyy history uses it much more literally than many scholars today especially of a “minimalist” orientation would be comfortable with.

Looking for beautiful books? Woe unto you that laugh now! Foundations of Christianity German: This is a classic work, usually translated into English as The Foundations of Christianity.

Pilate now has his soldiers not only crucify Jesus, but first has him scourged and derided as King of the Jews; a crown of thorns is put on his head, a purple mantle folded about him, christianlty soldiers bend the knee before him, and then they again beat him upon the head and spit on him. He calls early Christianity’s existence a communism It’s an easy read, mostly because if you have read materialist criticism before, it falls into line.

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