LEGO set database: Multi Model Control Set. Find great deals for Lego Technic Muiti Control Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Now this is what a universal set should be. Set was released in and contained quite a lot of firsts. There are 4 models, all of which are quite unique.

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Since worm gears cannot be backdriven, this idler axle effectively locks the wheels on the left side. One is on each axle, and one planet gear in the middle allows the axles to turn at different rates. Subsequent to the belt is a set of 8 and 24 tooth spur gears. The left hand switch moves forward and back and controls the drive wheels of the model. London Mon Jan 28, The use of a belt allows the steering to contact its stop without stalling the motor.

The steering is also not spring loaded to center. This final gear turns an axle which pivots a crank arm of the main fork arms. A pulley drives an axle with a pair of pinion gears at the ends. The very slow rotation speed of the micro motors allows for fairly precise steering control. Brussels Wed Jan 02, On the real plane directional control at low speed can be controlled by adjusting the relative shaft speeds of the two props. Vienna Tue Jan 15, Brussels Wed Jan 23, The belt allows the axle to slip once the steering is bottomed.


Lego Technic 8082 Muiti Control Set

It incorporates a built-in 28 tooth ring gear which can work either as a bevel or a spur, similar to the 24 tooth crown gear. The fork mechanism is a 4-bar linkage which remains parallel to the ground. This results in a feedback loop which alternates the various functions which are explained in detail below.

Finally, a 14 tooth bevel mates with the 28 tooth ring gear of the differential. Function Shifting The multi-function use of this set comes from a translating rack legl. Translation of the rack system causes the worm gears to mesh with various different other gear systems, thus controlling multiple operating functions of the vehicle.

A 9V motor in the fuselage drives a pair of pulleys through a belt, reducing the speed 3: Vienna Fri Jan 25, Lego Technic Anleitung, London Sun Jan 06, Flailing and other functions. Lifting The third function is lifting of the forks.

Lego Technic – Multi Control Set.


LEGO Universal Set with two motors Instructions , Technic

The brown bevel gear drives the ring gear of the differential. The white pinion drives the purple spur gear. The forks do not tilt. Click for an animation of the model steering. Paris Sat Jan 19, This is as it must be on the real plane or the torque of the props would cause the entire aircraft to yaw continuously.

Flailing and other functions The main 9Vmotor drives a host of ldgo in parallel, so I had to use lots of colors in the computer image to help make sense of it all.

Moving back to the white axle we can see the next parallel path. On the model the props are hard geared together, so no relative motion is possible.

The V can sustain fixed wing forward flight like an airplane, but can also rotate the huge 3-blade props vertical and hover like a helicopter. You don’t know what you leo missing. Click for an animation of the nacelles pivoting.