3 May In the annals of espionage, one name towers above all others: that of H. A. R. ” Kim” Philby, the ringleader of the legendary Cambridge spies. 12 May For many years after the publication of My Silent War, it was rumoured that the autobiography of Kim Philby had been ghostwritten by the KGB. More thoughts on Kim Philby’s My Silent War The Young Kim Philby: Soviet Spy and British Intelligence Officer University of Exeter Press, Exeter, UK,

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Burgess was fired for “irreverence”, [20] and Philby was appointed as an instructor in the art of clandestine propaganda at the SOE’s training establishment in Beaulieu, Hampshire. The paper was failing and its owner changed its role to covering Anglo-German trade. He also delivered clothes and money to refugees from the Nazis. Then towards the end there is an account of the period of initial suspicion philb him and how he managed to dodge being caught, though his subsequent service in the Middle East is very much glossed over.

Kim Philby – Wikipedia

He said that at the time of his recruitment as a spy there were no prospects of his being useful; he was instructed to make his way into the Secret Service, which took years, starting with journalism and building up contacts in the establishment.


In fact if you deleted three or four sentences you wouldn’t know he was working for anyone but the UK government. For those ardent communist historians and ideologues, there are some nice moments of left wing exposition, mostly confined to the introduction.


My Silent War: The Autobiography of a Spy

She asked, “Could the SIS really be such fools they failed to notice suitcase-loads of papers leaving the office? The man described himself as Otto. These lapses by Philby aroused intense suspicion in Silenf.

Of his own actions that led to the death and capture of countless agents he remains mh detached. New York Times10 July In the annals of espionage, one name towers above all others: Philby was given the task of dealing with Volkov by British intelligence. He trained Albanian commandos — some of whom were former Nazi collaborators — in Libya or Malta. Philby had to help discover the identity of “Homer”, but also wished to protect Maclean.

Read it Forward Read it first. Philby was thus able to evade blame and detection. They would discuss absinthe and serve Burgundy above room temperature. The hit-or-miss nature of the trade comes through clearly; although Philby is chary of telling trade secrets, his function on matters Soviet he was an extremely successful mole is at least hinted at with the sudden disappearance of a Russian who was tryi Very readable; if he had the narrator’s persona in life, one can see how he might have got on.

Commenting on his betrayal of the operation to secretly send thousands of Albanians back into their country to overthrow the Communist regimewhich led to many being killed, Philby tries to turn it to his credit, even saying that he helped prevent another World War.

Nevertheless the book makes for good reading and the story is captivating. The Long Road to Moscow. We need it desperately.

Review: My Silent War: The Autobiography of a Spy by Kim Philby — a monster unmasked

No apologies are made for his treachery, which is described in the mildest of terms. I always silen that it must have taken an uncommonly sharp mind to do what Philby did, but you start to think that just maybe, rather than being incredibly clever, he was actually just another over educated member of the establishment, who only got away with it for so long because the people around him were exactly the wsr.


The Autobiography of a Spy 3. Jan 31, Ryan Gough rated it did not like it. Occasionally, he will make a brief nudge-nudge, wink-wink reference to being responsible for the failure of some anti-Soviet spy effort but other than his discussion of the Volkov affair and how he got Burgess and Maclean ki there is nothing there.

My Silent War by Kim Philby |

Eighteen young men were parachuted into Eastern Europe and, thanks to Philby, were never heard from again. He was also an exceptional writer who gave us the great iconic story of the Cold War and revolutionized, in the process, the art of espionage writing. Aileen Philby had suffered since childhood from psychological problems which caused her to inflict injuries upon herself.

The rumour was not true. He warned his Soviet controller of his mission and proceeded to Istanbul — slowly.

Philby was also responsible for liaising with the CIA and promoting “more aggressive Anglo-American intelligence operations. Philby had repeated his claim that there were no such agents.