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He is created from a gushing fluid, that is issued from between the loins and ribs. Each of these peoples had their own religion, nationality, language, nidham ul islam and traditions. The spiritual crisis in the people, perpetual anxiety and widespread evil all over the world today serve as glaring nidhak oppressively clear indictments of the results of this Nidham ul islam haDarah.

The System of Islam: Nidham Ul Islam

nidham ul islam Likewise, if clothes are specific to the unbelievers, the Muslims are then forbidden to wear them because they 84 The System of Islam NEW nov Thus the Capitalist ideology, by this explanation, is an ideology like any other. The Muslims do have funds collected by the State for the management of their affairs nidham ul islam, thus, it is correct to use the term tax. However, if the meaning of the terminology is consistent with what the Muslims have then it is permissible to use that term, such as the term tax, which means the funds collected from nidham ul islam people nidham ul islam the management of the state.

At the same time, Islam took care of the community not as being a whole devoid of parts, but in her capacity as a whole made of parts who are the individuals, such that looking after the community leads to the protection of these individuals, who are the parts of the community.

In spite of the ijtihad undertaken by the judges and governors, the Khaleefah used to adopt certain aHkam and to order their execution by the people who would be obliged themselves to implement the nidham ul islam rules and to leave their own opinion and ijtihad on those rules.


Thus the separation of the deen from life contradicts man’s nature fiTrah. The purity and clarity of the thoughts is the only guarantee for Islam’s success and the continuity of this success.

Hence the patriotic bond arises. Thus, its criterion for actions in isla is benefit. This is because the shura consultation in Islam iwlam for seeking the opinion and not for ruling. Constitutions have different origins. The satisfaction of the instincts cannot be labelled as materialistic aspect or spiritual aspect. This is the case whether these ahkam nidham ul islam are connected with worships ibadaattransactions mu’amalaatpunishments uqoobaatfood, etc.

Thirdly, because it is a temporary bond that exists in the case of defence of a threatbut in the state of stability, which nidham ul islam the normal state of man, it does not exist.

Islams system: Nidham ul-Islam – Taqi al-Din Nabhani – Google Books

Therefore, it is clear that the Islamic ruling system was applied. Nidham ul islam has been defined as “the group uk principles which the ruler obliges the people to enact in their relationships”. Accordingly, it is the ideology, which restricts and protects the entire society while it is the state which executes the legislation.

Although the Muslims translated books of philosophy, science and different foreign cultures into Arabic, they never translated any legislation, system, or canon of other nations neither for research nor for application.

Sensation alone does not produce thought, but merely produces sensation i. Hence, if the individual’s affairs are managed the society’s affairs will be managed. That is, the intellectual leadership in communism is built on materialism and not nidham ul islam the mind.

Firstly, because it is a low level bond, which is not good to bind man with man in his quest for revival. After all, the authority of Nidhma is one.

Consequently, those acknowledging the existence of a Creator and those who deny it are equal in the Capitalist doctrine, which is the separation of religion from life. Considering Islam nidham ul islam be a system, nidham ul islam people applied it well and others misapplied it.

Surely Islam nidham ul islam implemented and no other system or iislam was applied. If the instinct of reproduction ghareezat an-nau’ was satisfied without a system or with a system not from Allah it would lead to misery. It agrees with man’s nature fiTrah and therefore responds positively to man.


They used nidham ul islam clergy as an instrument for this. Regarding the issues that he has not practised yet, he is allowed to follow the other mujtahideen. In the end, the conflict arises between his people and others for sovereignty and achieving a high standard of living.

If we examine nidham ul islam ideologies that exist in the world, we will find only three: The value may be spiritual, such as prayer, zakah, fasting or pilgrimage.

It should not be studied partially as an economic, social, political or any other type of question. The call nidhwm look deeply in the universe so as to understand its laws and to be guided to the iman lu its Creator is repeated in the Yl hundreds of times in its different surah, all of which are directed to man’s intellectual faculty, inviting him to think deeply and to ponder so as his iman nidham ul islam based islm reason and clear evidence, and warning him not to adopt what he found his forefathers doing without investigating it, scrutinizing it, and being personally confident of its correctness.

Therefore, this matter is nidham ul islam and pre-existent and not created by anyone i. Therefore, the Muslims nidham ul islam resume the Islamic way of life if they want nidham ul islam revival naHDah to occur. Consequently, the origin of the Communist intellectual leadership is matter and not thought. It attracts the poor, the scared and the defeated ones. Religion, was then separated from life because it is clerical.

This is in respect to the actions that occur within the sphere that dominates man and the attributes of all objects.