import 2.*;. // Create a new PDF. PDF p = new PDF();. // Create a new page. PDFPage page = e(ZE_A4);. // Create a new. 2. Contains the classes used to create a PDF document. org. 2. The “viewer” package contains the classes required to create. This features adds an “Edit” menu to the application, which provides a familiar interface for those components allowing cut, copy, paste and text selection in the .

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Seek to the start of the page.

Hierarchy For Package org.faceless.pdf2

Attempting to modify the folder after facelesx file is added will result in an exception. Add an annotation for this Form element at the specified position on the specified page. The text is automatically wrapped at the edge of the box specified in org faceless pdf2 call to beginTextand is aligned according org faceless pdf2 the alignment of the current style.

Org faceless pdf2 most purposes this information isn’t facdless useful – prior to version 1. This is mainly useful in right-to-left locales like arabic, as it sets the default text alignment. Set the clipping area to the ellipse inside the org faceless pdf2 rectangle. Calls to save can be nested, but note that for most PDF viewers it is an error to save the page state but not restore it.

A parameter to newPage String to create a new A5 page – xmm. Abstract superclass of navigation widgets that org faceless pdf2 the org faceless pdf2 displayed page. The text to be drawn may contain newline characters, facrless have the predictable effect. Create a button that will open a dialog allowing the PDF to be saved to disk.


Set the natural scale for measurements in the specified area of the page. Any items drawn after this call will be drawn after any content already existing on the page, so appearing on top of the current content.

An interface which can be org faceless pdf2 to query the progress of a load of a page in a Linearized PDF. A org faceless pdf2 representing a Box, several of which org faceless pdf2 up the visible content of a LayoutBox.

Close the path and set the “clipping area” of the page to be the intersection of the current clipping area and the shape defined by this path. Events that occur on a page are limited to open and close, which are run everytime the page is displayed on screen.

PDFReader (Big Faceless PDF Library )

Moves the pages that have previously been stored with a cut operation to before the currently selected page in the thumbnail panel, and clears the list of such pages. If more complex fields need to be set then the setMetaData java. Note that since 2. Create annotations that handle Line AnnotationShape objects. If the URL uses the http or https scheme, the webserver supports the “Range” header and the PDF at that URL is Linearized, there will be an initial load, with the rest continuing in the background or org faceless pdf2 demand.

This also means you do not need to call this method more than once, and doing so is not only inefficient, it could theoretically cause problems in multi-threaded environments like servlet engines.


This distinction is very important. Here’s how to do this: The ID is generally org faceless pdf2 random characters. For example, here’s how to add a hyperlink to a page:. This class enables the extraction of text and images org faceless pdf2 a PDFPage. The value is specified as a String, but as it’s XML it will probably be created as a java.

Package org.faceless.pdf2.viewer2.feature

File method and then the load method must be called before this object is passed into the PDF. Argument to setUnits float, int to measure the page from the bottom. Set the XMP Metadata associated with this document. It’s also a bit org faceless pdf2 than the next method. The list of known keys is below, although any key can faecless used – if it’s not on the list it will appear in the facelsss pane in Acrobat’s “Document Properties” window.

The window’s title bar should display the org faceless pdf2 title taken from the the Title entry of the getInfo map. Create orgg that handle AnnotationText objects without callouts. A type of feature that will perform an action on an area selected org faceless pdf2 the SelectArea feature. An OutputProfile is made up of Featureswhich may be required or denied.