The latest Tweets from J. Alex Sherrer (@PMRoadTrip): “Friends, the content on the PMRT website has been removed. The PM processes themselves are. 6 May PMP Practice Exams: + Free Questions from PM Road Trip. Here’s a set of free PMP certification study material and a huge set of free. 4. I read the Exam Summary from each section and re-read this a few times right before my exam. This will be a good.

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At a minimum, memorize the main input into the start of each knowledge area and pmroadtrpi main output from each knowledge area. You save money for taking the PMP Certification test. It will take you a long while to document. They definitely have a few questions on this area on the test.

If you want to get a Project Manager job, knowing this powerpoint will help you speak the lingo. One of my passions is training. It is definitely worth it. Also go thru the Precedence Diagraming Methods. The recommendation that I heard was to know all the inputs and outputs for all processes. I also found it useful to recreate a portion of the PM Process powerpoint. Here are my PMP Certification tips: This is why coupons are so popular.


One of my other passions is finding something of value for either free or low cost. As I have networking with my fellow project managers, I have received many requests for this training. We all love getting something for free or practically free. Note that this info will only help you to study so you can pass the PMP Certification exam.

In this economy, keeping your training current while not spending much money is something valued by many, especially those people who are unemployed or under-employed. This helped me get thru the test.

PM Road Trip PDF’s

Go thru all 11 sections on this page and take every practice test for each section. When you take the test, write down your formulas right away on their scratch paper. PMP Exam Content http: This will be a good refresher for you. Use examples from your work and volunteer work. You might get stressed out and forget them. Bestofpm’s Blog Just another WordPress. By taking the practice tests and reviewing your answers you will have enough info to pass pjroadtrip test.

Sign up for PMI membership. I recommend only doing the test on the PM Roadmap site. Also sign up for a local chapter.

PMP Exam Prep | Bestofpm’s Blog

You should definitely know this. Try to go to a few meetings, if you can. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


The tests on the PM Roadmap site are excellent. Since PMI keeps the actual content of the ppmroadtrip a secret, some sample tests are not very similar to the actual PMP certification test.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Plus it will definitely help on the exam. This site uses cookies. The local chapter meetings will touch on some topics for Project Management which may help on the exam.


Start your application for the PMP Certification. I read the Exam Summary from each section and re-read this a few times right before my exam.

They are definitely on the test. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: People there will give you tips. Enter your email address pmdoadtrip subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Rather than keep emailing out this info, I have decided to post this info on this blog to make it more accessible to the general public. When I can combine both of these passions and find good training for free or low costthis really excites me!