fluctuations in flow rates, which are related to discontinuity in the production cycles of the . Most of the water consumed in a dairy processing plant is used in associated number of dairy industries must consider the third option of treating industrial waste A flow diagram of the final process is summarized in Figure Food Processing Wastewater-. Committee Members Environment Control & Measures for Industrial Wastewater Treatment. 2. Considering Aspects on Wastewater Treatment Plant Design. 3. Wastewater Treatment . Flow. Scum Scraper. Effluent. *Scum. Sludge Collector. LIFE. ܕܡܒܩܪܒܒܒ ܕܕܕܒ. ALINA. IE. Rectangle. Inlet. The Small Scale Wastewater Treatment Project is funded by NZAID through a cash Tertiary treatment – is the polishing process whereby treated effluent is Advanced or quartiairy treatment are applicable only to industrial wastes to remove Below is a diagram of a septic tank showing scum .. Overland Flow Process.

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The trickling filters are classified as low rate the peocess onehigh rate and super rate. There are mainly two flwo processes under the anaerobic attached—growth treatment system— anaerobic filter process and expanded bed process.

The low molecular weight compounds are converted to acidic products propionate, butyrate, and lactate. The anaerobic phosphate stripper removes the phosphate, and the resultant sludge is returned to aeration tank which takes large quantities of phosphorus. A diagrammatic representation of trickling filter is depicted in Fig.

These bacteria are heterotrophs and require no oxygen, but the presence of organic carbon is essential. Sludge is introduced continuously or intermittently.


Processes of Waste Water Treatment: 4 Process (With Diagram)

In the process of disinfection, all the organisms are not destroyed. Anaerobic contact process is carried out in a specially designed reactors. The openings for medium and fine screens filetpe are mm and less than 20 mm. The carbon granulates are reactivated for reuse.

Wastewater Process Map

Roughing filters are a special type of trickling filters that are designed to operate at high hydraulic loading rates. Thickener bed levels, secondary RAS blanket, flocculent blanket etc, all have different densities and the water above these interface levels are subject to different process conditions that change. PAC is added to an aeration tank of secondary treatment which can adsorb several organic compounds.

The processes namely aeration and sedimentation are carried out in both the systems.

Water/Wastewater Industry

Sometimes, surface aerators are used to enhance the efficiency of facultative ponds particularly when the sewage contains high organic content. Depending on the nature of the use of the microorganisms, the biological processes are categorized as suspended growth systems and attached growth systems.

They operate efficiently in hot climate and thus are suitable for most developing countries like India. It is possible to carry out procews nitrification in aerated lagoons. In the conventional hierarchy of sewage treatment, the unit operations are carried out in the order of preliminary, primary, secondary and finally tertiary treatment.

Tertiary treatment or advanced treatment is sometimes needed for the removal of suspended and dissolved substances, after the conventional primary and secondary treatments. When flocculated, the whole mass of particles settle as a unit or a zone. A shredder or comminatory is a special screen that can cut and retain the floating and suspended materials Fig.



It diagrzm sometimes necessary to use chemical coagulants to facilitate or aid sedimentation, and this process is referred to as chemical precipitation or coagulation-aided sedimentation. The reactor contents are referred to as mixed liquor.

At this temperature; the adsorbed organic compounds are converted to gases and released. The most important suspended-growth biological treatment systems used for the removal of organic matter are listed: The organic solids present in the anaerobic zone bottom sludge are degraded to dissolved organic compounds organic acids and gases such as CO 2CH 4 and H 2 S.

These include the size, shape and specific gravity of particles, besides viscosity and flow velocity of sewage.

Processes of Waste Water Treatment: 4 Process (With Diagram)

The presence of even minute quantities of O 2 suppresses de-nitrification. A rotating biological contactor is composed of a series of closely spaced and light weight circular discs Fig. Disinfection is accomplished by using chemical and physical agents, besides mechanical and radiation means. The sewage after the primary treatnent is introduced at the head of the tank.

A list of the major secondary biological treatment processes is given in Table Sometimes, diatomaceous earth filters and coagulation-cum sedimentation techniques are also used.