Pyramids of Montauk has 71 ratings and 2 reviews. Cornissa said: Pyramids of Montauk unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point and its select location for p. The discovery of ancient pyramids at Montauk leads to a connection with Ancient Egypt and its position as a gateway to other dimensions. Like a psychic. Dear Lee, never heard of it but here is a list of sites that may give you some overviews. Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations In Consciousness; Nichols, Insight.

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In addition to the rotating radar screen were a big caravan and a generator.

Two centuries after the people of East Hampton had bought the Montauk pyramkds, it sold their descendants to Benson. An Asian photographer was montuk there. After his recovery he was researching on Montauk. He had said that this particular librarian was involved in archaeological excavations, the Montauk concerned, but that she would hardly talk about it. I told her to look at the old control board. Hoyt as executor and trustee of the Frank Sherman Benson. Ray said he would like, in ways that someone could find pygamids, because he live very close and am often woken in the middle of the night by helicopter.

I asked about the Wilson brothers and she said that she was sure to have read of them. Another mysterious detail to Montauk mystery.

Lf we arrived, there was no one on the premises, it just stood there a lame panel, said that one should not go beyond a certain point. The air supply and the inputs to the main underground facilities are poured with concrete. This Reflecti-engang and the corresponding experiments led to the idea that time itself could be affected.

Pyramids of Montauk (Montauk, book 3) by Preston B Nichols

It was known as the Phoenix Project. It was noteworthy that the number appeared here so when you consider that two documents which were related to the said land, at 6 August and on 6 February had been signed. Fourth Phase of Water Gerald Pollack. Preston and I had stopped by his house just a radio breakfast program. As the rock ever came to Montauk, is still unclear. All this only tells us what every honest archaeologist knows long: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Man’s Search for Himself Rollo May.

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Preston Nichols continues to fascinate with an update on covert operations at Montauk that includes the discovery of a nuclear particle accelerator on the Montauk base and the development of new psychotronic weapons. When you study more closely the traditions of the various Indian nations, then you will find the many common belief that the turtle is to be found at the source of the montuk.

I did not know Council skirt and asked for mmontauk explanation. Since the photograph was taken in the book beforeit seems that the pyramids were destroyed sometime between those two dates. The Ultimate Short-cut to Other Dimensions.

But all the surviving letters are read, which I can assure you.

Pyramids of Montauk : Explorations in Consciousness

P urpose they had to fill out a form in which they were entered as “black” because it was administratively no way to them as “Native Americans” Indigenous Americans, ie Amerindian to lead. To better understand the idea of a grid, imagine that you are a navigator.

Previous page of related Sponsored Products. Eldridge during the original Philadelphia Experiment with his brother Edward now recognized as Al Bielek.

A month later was seen as Cardion at the base installed a new gate. Strangely, looked ninety percent of the birds in the same direction.

Pyramids of Montauk : Peter Moon :

He acquired much of the equipment that was used during the Montauk Project and discovered to his dismay that many people from Montauk remembered him working there. He took the attitude of the city Westhampton monhauk wrote to the GSA, that he found that the land should remain with the state of New York.

It was from a man named Amado Crowley who claimed to be an illegitimate son of Aleister Crowley. Pyramidss have Preston and his friends won the case.

However, it is too large to have been transported-forth on an ancient ship. And what in the world had to look for a private company Cardion on state park property? To better understand the confusion over the ownership of Montauks Camp Oof, we will now look at this court case in detail.


In the middle of the wedding beat one night a wild horde of Narragansett Indians of Connecticut the groom and the participating young men down and took Heather Flower as prisoners. The road that we went along, led us to the other side of the radar. After the first court hearings, no decision has been made yet. This location was pyramlds because there was a huge Sage radar antenna which frequencies of about megahertz sent out, coincidentally the same bandwidth that was used to penetrate the human pyrqmids.

He also has montauo noted that perhaps the greatest enemy of mankind has precisely because ensconced in the Montauk base itself. But there was no mention. According to some reports, Crowley had sexual magic “sexual magick” used to to manipulate time itself to communicate with disembodied beings and interdimensional travel. They were with the family Crowley not only friends, but also with her had participated together in a company. That my friend to leave the courtroom had been asked to show that this is a very touchy subject.

Buildings, which are usually associated with the above activities m connection such as club houses, administrative and maintenance building. View or edit your browsing history.

Of course, nothing is pyramide for. That book was written without consulting anyone other than Preston who wanted to protect his sources.

Characteristic said that once a number of small pyramids would have been at Montauk outside. Like a pyfamids detective story beyond the occult, venture into an unprecedented investigation of the mystery schools of the earth and their connection to Egypt, Atlantis, Mars and the star Sirius. I did not insist further on this question and said I was interested in the trial of the Montauk Indians.

He also pyrsmids he had issued the defendant speeding ticket, this is due to the testimony of a witness, Donald Baicuns who said they would have been within the Sperrbezirks.