4 Feb “Building the New Access Network” are trademarks of Redback Networks Inc. Configure the Next-Hop Lookup Method Used in Routing. The primary administrator interface to the SmartEdge router is the CLI. . Displays the current configuration of the SmartEdge router or the contents of a. This document describes how to configure all types of SmartEdge line cards and The SmartEdge router supports Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports.

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The administrator name is of the form admin-name ctx-name. Regular expression, starting with a hyphen, which can contain upper and lower case letters.

These conifguration are beyond the scope of this document.

Redback Usage Guide

To configure the basic features for a SmartEdge MIC, perform the tasks described in Table 3 ; enter all commands in card configuration mode, unless otherwise noted. Change the current privilege level for an exec session while in exec mode. Terminate the current CLI session while in exec mode. Move up one cohfiguration in the configuration mode hierarchy while redbsck a configuration mode; return to exec mode while in global configuration mode.

Setting this variable will cause any tasks that require enable mode to fail. If the Ethernet management port has been configured, you are prompted to log on. Surround groups of words that must be matched as a unit with double quotes. All other tasks will similarly not enter enable mode, but attempt their command from exec mode. The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice due to continued rojter in methodology, design and manufacturing.


It also provides examples of a show command displaying lines before and after a pattern, a show command displaying lines that include a pattern, and a show command displaying lines that match a grep pattern. The following example takes the output of show roter counters command with the live keyword and pipes it into the grep command.

Discovery tasks for Javascript drivers handle More prompts by using timeouts, which can cause problems with the third-party SSH client code, which interprets the timeout as a disconnection. Enter a configuration mode from another configuration mode.

When you connect to the system either directly to the console or remotely to the management port, the password you enter is not echoed.

Recalling Previous Command Entries. Table 1 lists these commands; enter either command in any mode. In this case, this causes the prompt detection phase to fail, which in turn can cause More prompts to not be handled properly, and rexback may fail.

Displays the current configuration of the SmartEdge router or the contents of a previously saved configuration file on the local file system.

Modifying Output of show Commands. All show commands accept a common set of keywords and arguments called modifiers that you can use to refine the command output.

Enter global configuration mode. Enter this command in global configuration mode; specify the carrier keyword. The contents of this document are subject to revision without configuragion due to continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing.

To log on to the system, you must enter a valid administrator name and password at the appropriate prompts to gain access. You can customize these settings for the duration of the current session. Rwdback all lines that contain text that matches the specified pattern from the display.


SmartEdge Router Considerations. There are many tools that provide Telnet and SSH access to remote systems. The following example displays using regular CLI help to understand the syntax of the grep command:. There are two options to work around the problem. For more information on the grep command options, see the GNU grep documentation available at http: Configuration Deployment to Startup with reboot.

Redbakc the management port has been configured, you can establish a Telnet or SSH session to the system. UNIX grep command options.

Starting an Administrative Session. Driver Discovery release notes. Regular expression to match, starting with a hyphen.

For information about how to configure an SSE card, see Reference [5]. General Access release notes CLI protocols: The following examples display various ways the join-lines keyword can be used to output record entries.

Device Template

Note that setting this option on a previously working device could cause discovery tasks to fail, but it only affects CLI discovery. To navigate the CLI, perform configuratiion tasks described in Table 2.

Display outstanding transactions for other administrators or internal processes. If the console port has been secured, you are prompted to log on; if the console port has not been secured, you initiate your session by simply pressing Enter.