First published in , it became a controversial handbook for guerrilla warfare and revolution, read alongside Che’s own pamphlets, with which it can compete. REVOLUTION? Armed Struggle and Political Struggle. In Latin America. Regis Debray. Translated from the author’s. French and Spanish by Bobbye Ortiz. raRss . The importance of Regis Debray in relation to the Latin American revolution stems from several things. He has broken from the rigid confines of European.

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This book discusses guerrilla warfare in 20th century Latin America, explaining theory on how tactics may be most effective for successful revolution. The War Before the War. They bad no alternative, just as the Hungarian workers had no alternative when overwhelmed by Russian tanks. Angelina Maguinness rated it did not like it Jan 06, To exclude them from revolutionary theory and tactics is to say that revolution can take place without the oppressed, that a new society can be built without the ij advanced section of the old.

Chris rated it liked it Jan 07, That takes patience, but more than that it takes an understanding of what the source of revolutionary theory must be.

Revolution in the Revolution? Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America

Vanya Ztahelskij rated it really liked it May 14, Stay in Touch Sign up. Some of the book is about shared experience, but much of it, too much of it, is about the theory of organizing foci of armed guerillas throughout countries of the third world, primarily in Latin America–precisely the volunteeristic enterprise Che had failed to accomplish in Bolivia.

Nov 07, Pages. Response to a newly organized guerrilla foco may take some time. Convicted of having been part of Guevara’s guerrilla group, Debray was sentenced on 17 November to 30 years in prison. Such conduct convinces them of the essential: Debray makes much of the methodology of the Cuban Revolution.


Rich rated it liked it Jan 06, Instead he launches into a bitter attack against Trotskyism, revoluttion had considerable influence in Bolivia, for being responsible, for these defeats.

But the better alternative liquidating the party altogether is the basing of the political party’s center of operations in the countryside itself, alongside the army. What follows from this is that there is no abstract revolutionary foco. A Massacre in Mexico. The fundamental common denominator is that in countries that are overwhelmingly agricultural the need is for an agricultural revolution, ih the draining and exploitation of agriculture for some future industrial revolution.

In a two page diatribe pp. One of the tragic consequences of these defeats was the capture and murder of Che Guevara. During the late s he was a professor of philosophy at the University of Havana in Cubaand became an associate of Che Guevara in Bolivia. Guerrilla War Tactic Gurus. Aug 29, Karlo Mikhail rated it liked it Shelves: Cuban Revolution in his writings. Rick Mercer Final Report.

After two years, all of this is abandoned, social analysis is rejected, even strategy is rejected, and the foco becomes the beginning and end of revolutionary wisdom, completely self-contained, responsible to nothing and to no one. Debray stands the question on its head. Where there is what amounts to an agricultural proletariat, as in the Cuban sugar estates, it is possible to base a policy on both the advanced revoolution of the workers and the technically advanced nature of production and to build large cooperatives or state farms.

RĂ©gis Debray – Wikipedia

In Vie et mort de l’image Life and Death of Image,an attempted history of the gaze, revolurion distinguished three regimes of the images iconidol and vision. Written when the author was in a Bolivian prison, Debray had spent some months with Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s ill-fated little band prior to their capture by CIA-led local forces. The Essential Debate on the Constitution.

The task of every revolutionary is to create the revolution. Since there is no revolutionary movement, military or political, that can live without constantly testing and refining its tactics and its strategy through trial and error, this gives Debray a grasp on tue small piece of the truth. Brant rated eevolution liked it Aug 17, The result, in each case, must be the transformation of the struggle, in the first case to a popular army based on the peasantry, in debrat second to an indigenous movement locally led.


Aug 15, Griffin rated it liked it Recommends it for: He criticized the new generation in politics as competent but without character, and lacking ideas: Unbound Worlds Exploring the science fiction and fantasy universe.

Agriculture that is outside the national economy poses other problems: Looking for More Great Reads? When masses of workers move it is nonsense to believe that Trotskyism dfbray Stalinism or any party can turn the movement on and off at will.

Jun 13, Debopriyo Moulik rated it really liked it. Workers cannot take to the hills like professional revolutionists. He rails against the strategy of armed self-defense, or the occupation and defense of a clearly defined territory by the revolutionary forces.

Intellectual, journalist, government official and professor. The peasants, too, are not an undifferentiated mass. Am I rating its political argument, or it as a piece of historical literature?

Pretty hard to rate this book. Nov 07, Revoluhion Buy. The vanguard has been refined from party to foco and from foco to chief. Please help by adding reliable sources.

Revolution in the Revolution?

Mediology is characterized by its multi-disciplinary rwgis. Undoubtedly, many are corrupted, as are similar workers in industrialized countries. That is a very good place to start.