SAE J This standard provides a system of a defined nomenclature to describe vehicle dimensions. A. combination of letters and numerals helps the. This SAE Recommended Practice defines a set of measurements and standard procedures for motor vehicle dimensions. The dimensions are primarily intended . 26 May BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations.

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Full text of “SAE J Motor Vehicle Dimensions”

Rearmost-Lowest Design H-Point— The rearmost location at the full down position of vertical travel independent of track rise. Interior components not adjoining to the glass are projected horizontally to the interior glazing surface, then normal and outward to the exterior glazing surface.

The foot may be placed on the floor pan with the centerline of the leg segment up to 1 27 mm either side of the Y plane occupant centerline. Sae j1100 minus sae j1100 dimension indicates the mirror sae j1100 saf below the horizontal plane. The H-Point machine and two-dimensional drafting template specified in SAE J shall use the 95th percentile leg segments.

SAE J1100: Motor Vehicle Dimensions

All head restraints shall be in the stowed sae j1100 and considered part of the seat. For vehicles with more than three seats, specify seat location along with dimension.


L11 Accelerator heel point sae j1100 sar wheel center X 6.

dae Sae j1100 Models— The minimum dimension measured horizontally between the trimmed front k1100 with front seatback tilted forward, and the trimmed lock pillar, trimmed quarter panel, or trimmed rear Seat Cushion at a height between the sill plate bead and mm 4 in above the bead with the sae j1100 in the maximum hold-open position.

For example, sae j1100 two vehicles with the same front end profile are designed, one with a bolt on bumper and one with bumper integrated with the front end, the front end length dimension L on both vehicles will be the same.

W width and H height codes to denote specific pedal dimensions. V1 Sae j1100 Capacity 9. A set of shoe-type boxes H-boxes are optionally used with the Standard Luggage Set.

Includes the front door, rear door, vents, sae j1100 rear-quarter windows on both sides of the vehicle. For vehicles with SgRP to heel H30 greater than mm, the accelerator pedal may be depressed as specified jj1100 the manufacturer.

Unless otherwise indicated, the latest revision of J11000 publications shall apply. Measure the same as H General— The dimensions in this report will enable the measurement of a vehicle as sae j1100. If no arm is provided at sae j1100 designated “X” plane, use a height of 1 80 mm above the SgRP.


Independent vertical adjustment, if provided, is not included. The lower leg segments are detached to allow free rotation of the thigh sae j1100 around theSgRP. The prefix “P” dae added to the L length.

Steering wheel shall be positioned with front wheels in straight-ahead position. If the depressed pedal is used, the foot must be flat on the accelerator pedal. PH1 Clutch pedal pad height A sae j1100 – dimension indicates the bottom sae j1100 the eyellipse is located below the top of the steering wheel.

L Cargo body overall length 8. Sae j1100 SgRP – front sae j1100 ground 6. See Figures 6, 7, 9, and Cargo floor height 8. Descriptions and sizes of the luggage pieces are detailed in Table 1.

A piece from the Standard Luggage Set may be removed to place an H-box in the compartment, provided the removed sae j1100 is replaced. The standard right and left mirror adjusted for sae j1100 driving will be shown unless otherwise noted. 1j100 Shoulder room – front 6. Design H-Point Travel Path