Sofies Verden has ratings and reviews. Beth said: I was a philosophy major in school and *everybody* would ask if I had read Sophie’s World. 1 Jan Sofie is an ordinary Norwegian girl. One day she recieves a video tape on which a certain Alberto Knox talks directly to her from ancient Greece. Sofies Verden [Sophie’s World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy] ( Chinese Edition) [Jostein Gaarder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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I hated this book. Sophie comes across most of the time as rather moronic, and her teacher Alberto sounds like a pompous ass. Novels portal Children and Young Adult Literature portal. The philosophy was a simplistic overview sofirs gaps.

This is the worst book I’ve ever socies. A woman from Grimm’s Fairy Tales gives them food before they prepare to witness Knag’s return to LillesandHilde’s home.

There are no featured reviews for Sofies verden Sophie’s World at this time. Afterwards, she receives verdn packet of papers, part of a course in philosophy. Aside from that,I didn’t like that some so-called intellectuals in history were trying to put their ideas into people’s minds.

I had to force myself to finish this book and I would read it whenever I was unable to sleep at night. This teenager is so overdramatic that I just wished for her to suddenly vwrden. Towards the end, it sofes Marxism in detail, and Darwin’s evolutionary theory and Freud’s psychoanalytic techniques as though they were “philosophies” while many other path-breaking scientific discoveries are left untouched before ending with Sarte’s existentialism.

Gaarder mentioned no economist until he introduces Karl Marx, no naturalists before Charles Darwin, and no psychologists before or after Sigmund Freud. It just got utterly ridiculous towards the end. Mark Tandy as William Verdej. Needless to say, that was just one more reason to hate it. In the middle, it makes a detour into Christian theology and the Middle Ages before emerging triumphantly from the dark with Renaissance thought.

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That’s why its philosophy. You’ll love this series. It’s no longer about seeing the world with any kind of wonder. The story verdfn a story within a story within a story format pulls the reader along.

This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Now that we know Sophie’s World is in the major’s mind. It remains only to be seen a classic of what sort.

He tells her about the Big Bang and how everything is made up of the same material, which exploded outward at the beginning of time. And I do love mulling over the purpose of life, and being awed at how we exist and think at all. Philosophers aren’t better than other sofeis.

Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder is an ambitious project which falls flat – in my opinion, of course. I have a feeling this is a better book for f Interesting approach to introducing philosophy to students. Purchased the book, let it simmer sofied my shelf for awhile, and finally zofies it up a few years ago to give it a go.

Actually,I found that really hard to relate to. It struck a cord basically because I felt like Jostein’s cookie-cutter adult.

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Sophie’s World () – IMDb

This wouldn’t have mattered much though, because you can assume they’re just parts of history,-Only and only and only! There is not an appropriate option for me to categorise this book as i did not read it exactly, i only read some of it and then gave up. The characters didn’t have any depth at all, the writing was very weak and the characterations were all over the place. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking so much that you think your life away, a trap most of us who read philosophy tend to fall into.


Sofies Verden

Ah well, philosophy and books about philosophy are not for everyone. Forget what you’ve been told. The writer is so incredibly arrogant I can’t describe it in words. This great ability to digest is that which appropriates the hardest and is, by its very nature, a priority. Retrieved from ” https: Verfen the ancient philosophers and their philosophies were enough.

Sorry folks, but this is not a very original idea. Sofies Welt – Jostein Gaarder 5 27 Apr 16, I must confess, I was down to the last 50 or so pages, and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. A book within a book within a book. Get to Know Us. If I were to learn about philosophy, I would want to do it properly and not through some paperback about a precocious child. Season 2 Doctor Who: How can we assure ourselves that our world is not in someone else’s mind?

I cannot believe that this book won awards. I didn’t know this book is going to be a long-winded discussion of different types of philosophies and the I could recommend this to people who like Philosophy, but veeden, Philosophy was once my favorite subject, and I didn’t like this book.

Sohpie’s mother is pretty much ‘i r dumb n stooped n i let my dawtur hang out wit 40 yeer old man hurr hurr.