VICIdial for Dummies F IRST & FREE EDITION Author: Deo Dax Sillero-Cordova I . Introduction First and foremost I would like to thank Matt Florel and the. Instructions for creating a Multiple-Server Vicidial Cluster using Vicibox or Vicibox “Vicidial Multi Server Ubuntu” which was published on the EFLO “Vicidial. VICIDIAL is a set of programs based on php and perl agi coding and is is used with the Asterisk. It gives good solutions for callcaneters based.

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This is how it will look like if we change it to a static ip address: As a dummy myself I welcome info of this nature.

Point your URL to http: First we get the required packages. New in astGUIclient release 1. The Dummies guide still gives dummies like me a better insight into how it all comes together but from what your saying the only real advantage to the scrach install is for those who already have the server.

Next is we upgrade the kernel image, kernel headers and install the linux source code. The automated installer takes care of everything so you just need to wait for around 15 minutes depending on your hardware vicldial the whole installation process to finish.

You will first get a login prompt for the vicidial login then you will have the phone login where you enter the Login and Password for that phone entry.

Please provide me with your Paypal account details. Login using one of the default user accounts.

  TT2140 PDF

Again change all of them from 0 to 1 so you wont be having problems with permission. This will go on for a while, depending on the speed of your server. What we need Here dummiee what we need to get things started, I have written a happy list for you to follow, this setup is good for 20 to 25 agents: No licensing cost involved, what you will be paying for mostly will be dor integration cost, training and custom development.

Default Gateway is not configured by default so you have to manually configure it, you can also change the IP Address from the same menu.

Please enter your email address.

astGUIclient – VICIDIAL

I will use the default cc login and test as its password, they come enabled when we installed the sip and iax phones sql file, heres how its configured: Youd have to download and burn the Ubuntu Server 8.

Installing ttyload Installing E-Accelerator A must if you are running on a single server setup Add the following lines as it appears on this screenshot: And then if we need to view the recording folder from our webserver we need to set this in apache: EdyJun Lemmiwinks for Dummies. Just answer Y and those packages mentioned will be upgraded. A multi install document will make life much easier for many. Installation of base system Here is what it will look like after the partitioning.

Now lets get to the other part now which is preparing our installation.

VICIdial for Dummies 20100331

Now we do an updaterc to make sure that the vicidial service starts on all levels: Dumies Analysis for Dummies. This set of modules are necessary to process the perl scripts that VICIdial has. At the end of this document you will be able to have an understanding of how vicidial works, how to install it and how to start operating it. How did you get passed Zaptel compilation.


VICIdial for Dummies –

However I’m just thinking that the install seems quite lenghty for a novice with lots of potential for error. Now we move on to patching the meetme volume control patch: Then we create the asterisk database: Then download the optimized my.

You can see that cc is 1 ms away from your server, put in mind that the lower the ms, the better the latency of the softphone from your its point of origin to your server. Another thing to note is that you can have the agc folder with the.


Press enter to go through the prompts. And lastly this document is not for sale, this can be downloaded freely. You would have to chose between the two, for me most of my deployments are using 1. VICIdial uses the Meetme Conference bridge module of asterisk vummies its way of bridging a call to an agent which I will explain more later.

It was a joke! You flr see this option on the lower part: I agree to the Terms. Domain Names for Dummies.